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Private Van Tours In Hawaii

Enjoy a more intimate, tailored experience while exploring Hawaii with a private van tour. Design your own itinerary and create memories at your own pace, all under the guidance of a professional Tour Operator. It’s the perfect way to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your trip!

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Tour The Big Island, Hawaii

Let us handle all your needs for your sightseeing adventure of the Big Island of Hawaii. While on one of our unique Fat Tire E-Bike tours, you will take control of a state-of-the-art E-Bike that gives you complete control of your experience. You get to smell, feel and see all the beauty that Hawaii has to offer. It may be an active volcano, a scenic beach road, or a lush rainforest.

Customizable Tours

While we have great options for specific e-bike tours on the website, we can also customize a tour to meet your specific interests in a private setting tailored to you.

Real Adventures

We take it beyond the average tour and put you in charge of the places you want to be depending on your personal interest and ability.

Family Owned

We live on the Big Island of Hawaii. We love where we live and cannot wait to share the culture and beauty that only exists on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Beautiful Sites

We know the secluded places where you will not see the crowds.  We find serene landscapes that are sure to create memories of Hawaii.

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Options for Kona Side Tours:

When booking a tour, let us know where you’d like to go. We are happy to mix and match to create the perfect tour for you.

  1. Hamakua Coast, Waimea, Hapuana Beach and return to Hilo over Saddle Rd. (7 hours)
  2. Drive to Kona over Saddle Rd., Snorkeling at Two Step Beach, Downtown Kona, return over Saddle Rd. (7 hours)
  3. Hamakua Coast, Waimea, Spencer’s Beach and return through Hamakua Coast. (7 hours)
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Options for Hilo Side Tours:

People travel from around the world for
our tours of Hawaii – find out why!

  1. Water Falls Tour – Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls, Boiling Pots (3 hours)
  2. Beach Tour: Black Sand Beach Tour and Kalapana Beach (3.5 hours)
  3. Volcano Tour: Volcanoes National Park and Volcano Winery (5 hours)
  4. Coast Tour: Scenic Hamakua coast with Botanical Garden and Waterfalls (3 hours)

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Join us for the adventure of a lifetime. Private van tours are perfect for a group of friends, families or colleagues who want to see the sights on their own terms. If you have 3-7 hours, then a visit to Hawaii is the perfect way to maximize your time and get the best of what this place has to offer. Whether it’s for a vacation or honeymoon, Hawaii has lots of beautiful sights that will take your breath away! One of several falls along the path of the Wailuku River in Hilo, Rainbow Falls is a gorgeous waterfall to visit early in the morning.

Its name originated from the fact that on some early mornings a rainbow can be seen arching across the falls. Waianuenue Falls, also known as Rainbow Falls, is a stunning marvel of nature with its Hawaiian name meaning “rainbow seen in water”. Its incredible display depends upon the recent rainfall, varying from a single thin stream to an amazing cascade. When the conditions are just right, the stunning cascade of 80 ft. white water can be seen plunging over a rocky shelf and into a serene blue-green pool below. Volcano Ohana embraces the spirit of Hawaii and earnestly invites you to come along on this journey with us. Discover these amazing islands with us today!

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Volcano Ohana and Hawaii

Volcano Ohana was founded with the adventurous tourist in mind. We offer unique, specialized tours that focus on fun excursions. We are a family owned company, local on the Big Island. We strive to instill “Living Aloha” in everyone who joins us. We look forward to our time with you during one of our tours! We love to show people the wonders of the Big Island of Hawaii on our specialized E-Bike Tours. Book with us today
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