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Private Guided Van Tour of the Big Island

Group Size: Up to 7 passengers | Length of Tour: Up to 7 hours
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Private Van Tours

Tour Description

A private van tour is ideal for the group who likes to have a professional Tour Operator be their guide for the day. It allows you the ability to take a tour at your own personal pace and do exactly what you want by customizing a unique experience with your allotted time. Your tour operator can show you popular sites visitors and locals enjoy as well as the secret places that are not typically included in a large tour. While we provide several options of possibilities, we can mix and match whatever you want on the fly to accommodate your personalized tour and maximize your day stress free. 

Your Professional Tour Operator is familiar with the roads, customs, culture and sites of the Big Island of Hawaii. 

**Please note: Private vans are ordered per vehicle (not per person), only one person in the party needs to order the vehicle. The price shown is the total cost for the vehicle and driver. Entrance fees for attractions are not included.

Options for Hilo Side Tours:
  1. Water Falls Tour – Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls, Boiling Pots (3 hours)
  2. Beach Tour: Black Sand Beach Tour and Kalapana Beach (3.5 hours) 
  3. Volcano Tour: Volcanoes National Park and Volcano Winery (5 hours) 
  4. Coast Tour: Scenic Hamakua coast with Botanical Garden and Waterfalls (3 hours)
Options for Kona Side Tours:
  1. Hamakua Coast, Waimea, Hapuana Beach and return to Hilo over Saddle Rd. (7 hours)
  2. Drive to Kona over Saddle Rd., Snorkeling at Two Step Beach, Downtown Kona, return over Saddle Rd. (7 hours)
  3. Hamakua Coast, Waimea, Spencer’s Beach and return through Hamakua Coast. (7 hours) 

When booking a tour, let us know where you’d like to go. We are happy to mix and match to create the perfect tour for you.

Cancellation Policy:

Full refunds are given for cancellations that are made more than 7 days prior to your scheduled tour.  No refunds will be given for no shows, or late arrivals.

What You'll See: