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Our Team

Get to know our team! We’re excited to tour with you

Director of Tour Operations

Byron Tate

Byron loves Hawaii and especially geeks out about volcanoes. After 2 decades in IT, Byron joined his wife, Heather, in the construction business and they started a successful remodeling company together. After moving to Hawaii, they decided to combine their love of aloha with their love of the outdoors and biking into the business of Volcano Ohana. He is a certified PADI SCUBA instructor and explores underwater volcanoes in his spare time. He can’t wait to share his aloha and knowledge of the Hawaiian islands with patrons to provide them with their most informative and magical time in Hawaii.
Director of Business Operations

Heather Tate

Heather brings her creative spirit and keen business acumen to Volcano Ohana. Following successful careers in sales, showroom management and interior design, Heather started the high-demand remodeling company with her husband, Byron. Her generous empathy, ruthless organization and aloha infuse everything she does. She is thrilled to combine her managerial and executive skills and love of Hawaii with a dash of aloha spirit to give patrons a unique, unforgettable visit to Hawaii.
Director of Marketing

Paul Halvorson

Paul has made a career of bridging people and projects together. He possesses the unique ability to bring out the best in everyone and help them excel and reach their dreams and goals. He is a dedicated father and friend with an accomplished career in e-commerce. As a life-long adventurer and lover of the outdoors, he lives aloha while promoting Volcano Ohana’s mission to share the stunning beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and volcanoes from the seat of a bicycle.
Marketing Manager

Bailey Sulzen

Bailey is a firm believer that every problem has multiple solutions. With her creative mindset, she excels at uncovering innovative approaches to new challenges. Having recently graduated with a degree in Advertising, Bailey has chosen to combine her learned skills with her passion for the outdoors in her role of promoting Volcano Ohana. Bailey's upbringing as a competitive swimmer and wakeboarder, constantly immersed in the water, provided her with a deep sense of comfort amidst the beautiful ocean that surrounds the Big Island of Hawaii. Her adventurous spirit and commitment to embracing aloha make her a valuable asset to the success of Volcano Ohana.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can go on a tour?

Currently, we can host up to 12 people on one tour.

How long does each tour last?

Each tour is scheduled to last 3 hours. This includes orientation of the Fat Tire E-Bikes, riding, and all the fun and interesting stops along the way! We try and teach about “aloha” and Hawaiian culture of our beautiful island.

What will we see?

You will see amazing landscapes on each of the different tours. You will ride roads, and trails. Beach Tours – You will see lava cliffs that drop off the coast into the ocean, black sand beaches, the newest lava fields from 2018, and a luscious rainforest with tree arches. Volcanoes National Park – You will see steam vents, volcano craters and lava when the volcano is active. We will walk through a lava tube and also see sulfur fields. Waterfall Tours – You will see beautiful waterfalls that drop into flowing rivers, tropical landscapes, and you might even be luck enough to see a rainbow appear above the waterfalls.

Do you host private or customized tours?

Absolutely YES. Please reach out to us for custom tours.

What is your cancellation policy?

Full refunds are given for cancellations that are made more than 7 days before your scheduled tour. If you book within 7 days of your scheduled tour, you can cancel within 24 hours from when you booked, for a full refund. If you book within 24 hours of your scheduled tour, there are no refunds. No refunds will be given for no shows, or late arrivals. For Fat Tire E-Bike Tours -No refunds will be given for your inability to ride a two wheel bicycle.

What if there is inclimate weather?

We do not cancel trips due to inclimate weather. We ride rain or shine. We encourage you to be prepared for in climate weather. You can purchase rain jackets or hoodies at an additional cost. We do not provide rain gear. 


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