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1. The Benefits of An E-Bike

Electric bikes and cars are an effective solution to cut down emissions. However, the cost of vehicles vs bikes can be quite large; with Kelley Blue Book reporting that in 2022, the average price of a new electric car was over $65,000. Though you can save money in the long-term by opting for an electric vehicle, there are a few extra costs that come into play such as tax, insurance and parking charges. One of the most appealing features of electric bicycles is that it has no harmful emissions from combustion engine with zero chances of Earth pollution. E-bikes are much more eco-friendly than any other form of public transport, with 18-13 times the efficiency of cars and 6 times that of rail transit. They have an environmental impact similar to traditional bicycles, even taking battery replacement costs into account.

Electric bikes are not only convenient and eco-friendly, but also advantageous for recovery from illnesses. For instance, people with cardiac problems can use e-bikes to reduce muscle strain and improve their mobility without putting too much pressure on their heart. Electric bicycles offer a great alternative to traditional bikes but also have some drawbacks. In China, e-bikes were found to be too fast for the lanes originally meant for regular bikes, making them an impractical choice in certain situations.

2. Have Fun While Getting Things Done

Wouldn’t it be great to cycle around the town, feeling the breeze and exploring parks while commuting? But what happens when you have to scale that huge hill in order to reach home every day? If you don’t have time to freshen up before joining the office, don’t worry. There are many other ways to look & feel energized and ready for the day’s work. From a quick brushing of your teeth to changing into more comfortable clothes, taking small steps like this can help you get in the right frame of mind.

For those looking for an easier, more enjoyable riding experience, an E-Bike could be the solution. With the help of a motor and pedal assist, you can go farther and faster than on a conventional bike. This means that you can explore new places without feeling exhausted along the way or keep up with a fast-paced crowd. Commuting also becomes much simpler with an E-Bike!

E-Bikes are essentially electric bicycles that provide extra assistance while you pedal. Instead of scooters or motorcycles, they make use of your own muscle power by adding a boost to each stroke of the crank. E-Bikes let you control the motor’s intensity with the click of a button. You can adjust how much power it provides, whether that’s a lot or little. In the US, they’ll take you up to 20 mph whereas in Europe they’ll reach 25 km/h. Post this point, the motor will stop and it’s up to you to decide your speed.

The motor is powered by a stealthy, sleek integrated battery that will keep you moving throughout your busy day. Just pull the battery from the side of the bike, give it a charge, and your E-Bike will be ready for the next adventure. Check out our E-Bikes, perfect for taking you around the city or venturing beyond town limits to discover gravel trails. Learn more today! Make your journey more thrilling & effortless with an E-bike and its integrated battery. Remove the battery conveniently from the side of your bike and charge it up so you can have an enjoyable & smooth ride every day.

Push your boundaries and explore the world with an E-Bike. Uncover a universe of new possibilities and make your dreams become reality!

3. Get Off The “Beaten Path”

Craving an intense lunchtime workout? Grab your E-Bike and use the pedal-assist Eco mode, or just turn it off and challenge yourself. You can feel the burn on any bike path or even go off-roading – it’s completely up to you. With an E-Bike, you’re always in control of your ride! If you’ve had enough for the day, simply start up the engine & take a cruise back to the office or home. The motor on an E-Bike is what makes the difference. This motor delivers up to 80 watts of power and up to 25 kilometers per hour, which is a lot faster than your typical bike. One of the best benefits about this bike is that it allows you to go uphill without using any gas pedal!If you are thinking about getting a bike, do yourself a favor and get an E-Bike instead!

Here at Volcano Ohana, you can experience what it’s like to take an E-Bike off the “beaten path” while on vacation! We offer E-Bike Tours that will let you see a side of The Big Island of Hawaii that you have never seen before. Take a fresh breath while on vacation, and get your first taste of an E-Bike. We offer scenic views of Volcanoes, the Beach and the City. Enjoy a three to five hour guided tour of our adventuresome terrain, or just take a leisurely ride through the forest. The Volcano National Park is home to six active volcanoes and five extinct volcanoes, which together make up what is called the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area in which more than 100 active volcanoes are located around the Pacific rim of fire.

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